Sunday, February 5, 2023

one year is one generation

 Today I went to pick up train tickets with a beautiful girl. While we were on the bus, a young mother came on board, holding a little boy in her arms. I, a generous young man, quickly stood up to offer her my seat. The young mother then asked the little boy to thank me: "Say, thank you Uncle". It's quite amusing to hear others call me "uncle", although it has happened many times already. Time really flies. 


Meanwhile, the pretty girl beside me looked at the boy with a smile in her face. She must found him really cute. Therefore she said hello and tried to play around with him. The young mother saw it, so she told the boy to say "hello, auntie" to the girl. The boy must be too shy to do that, as he kept his mouth closed. The young mother was a little embarrassed. The girl realized that, so she said: "It's alright, ma'am, your boy is so cute, he's probably just a bit shy."


I couldn't help but burst into laughters. This is not true, but hilarious indeed....


After we got off the bus, I looked at the girl in the eyes and said: "Call me uncle, otherwise I won't go pick up the tickets for you." The girl paused for three seconds, and she soon realized what I meant. She then put up a serious face and said: "Uncle, please, pick up the tickets for me..." (She sounded exactly like the girls in Korean drama.)

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