Saturday, March 6, 2021

Introduction of the OTP Smart Counter product

In the test fixture industry, the well-known counter is a base component, typically used to count the number of fixtures, routine maintenance management and planning. At present, the most of traditional counters are offline work, need operator to collect and confirm the counter usage and maintenance status of fixtures, in today's networked, intelligent, systematic industrial 4.0 era seems somewhat out of date.

To this end, we specially designed and developed smart counters for the industrial 4.0 era, adding wings to the traditional counters, and adding new network features for various automation equipment, solving the problem that the traditional counters can not automatically obtain data and link to the network system, such as MES system.

A typical Traditional Counter

Product Characteristics

(1) Specially designed for intelligent fixtures, test systems, and industrial smart systems, the USB/RS232/RS485/IIC interface is supported

(2) Rich software support, support mainstream Windows systems, Linux systems, to achieve a seamless connection with the operating system

(3) Built-in lithium battery, support data storage for more than 5 years, data is not lost even replace battery

(4) Supports DC voltage input trigger count, and also traditional hardware switch trigger count

(5) USB-type product drive-free design, no need install drive seperately

(6) Integrated EEPROM internally, to store maintenance time, number of times, counting, equipment ID and other information

(7) Compatible with traditional counters and can also be operated offline

(8) Aluminum alloy housing, easy to install, stable and reliable, strong anti-jamming capacity

(9) Cost-effective: the price of traditional counters to obtain the smart counter products

Typical Scenario

Typical Flowchart
  • ICT fixture for different platform: Keysight 3070, Teradyne, TRI 5001/8001 and others
  • FCT fixture and test system
  • Counter application for the automation system
Smart Counter collect the data and transfer to host PC of the test system, and then send to the cloud server or MES system.

Software Tools

  • Windows GUI Tool: manage the device manually

  • Windows CLI Tool (Command Line Interface): 2nd development for the Windows system
  • Python Library Tool: 2nd development for Linux system

Demo Cases: already mass application for the production environment

Left to right: Keysight ICT fixture for HW, FCT fixture for MS, Teradyne ICT fixture for HW

Product Specification

  • Power Supply: Internal 3.6V Li-battery; External PWR only for RS232/RS485 type, 8~24VDC, 15mA current
  • DC Input: 2~30VDC as high logic; 0~1.8VDC as low logic
  • Input impedance: greater than 4.7K ohm
  • Max short resistance: below 10K ohm
  • Min open resistance: greater than 500K ohm
  • Battery cycle life: more than 5 years
  • Speed: 5 times per second
  • Reset: software reset
  • Size: 43*43.7*23mm
Photo: with power/without power

Order Information
  • SC01-USB: USB interface
  • SC02-232: RS232 interface
  • SC02-I2C: I2C interface
  • SC03-485: RS485 interface

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