Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment [FAHZU] PDF

Editor's Note:

Faced with an unknown virus, sharing and collaboration are the best remedy. 

The publication of this Handbook is one of the best ways to mark the courage and wisdom our healthcare workers have demonstrated over the past two months. 

Thanks to all those who have contributed to this Handbook, sharing the invaluable experience with healthcare colleagues around the world while saving the lives of patients. 

Thanks to the support from healthcare colleagues in China who have provided experience that inspires and motivates us. 

Thanks to Jack Ma Foundation for initiating this program, and to AliHealth for the technical support, making this Handbook possible to support the fight against the epidemic. 

The Handbook is available to everyone for free. However, due to the limited time, there might be some errors and defects. Your feedback and advice are highly welcomed!

Prof. Tingbo LIANG
Editor-in-Chief of the Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment
Chairman of The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine


This is an unprecedented global war, and mankind is facing the same enemy, the novel corona- virus. And the first battlefield is the hospital where our soldiers are the medical workers.
To ensure that this war can be won we must first make sure that our medical staff is guaranteed sufficient resources, including experience and technologies. Also, we need to make sure that the hospital is the battleground where we eliminate the virus, not where the virus defeats us.
Therefore, the jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation have convened a group of medical experts who have just returned from the frontlines of fighting the pandemic. With the support of The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine (FAHZU), they quickly published a guidebook on the clinical experience of how to treat this new coronavirus. The treatment guide offers advice and reference against the pandemic for medical staff around the world who are about to join the war.
My special thanks goes out to the medical staff from FAHZU. While taking huge risks in treating COVID-19 patients, they recorded their daily experience which is reflected in this Handbook. Over the past 50 days, 104 confirmed patients have been admitted to FAHZU, including 78 severe and critically ill ones. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of medical staff and the application of new technologies, to date, we have witnessed a miracle. No staff were infected, and there were no missed diagnosis or patient deaths.
Today, with the spread of the pandemic, these experiences are the most valuable sources of information and the most important weapon for medical workers on the frontline. This is a brand-new disease, and China was the first to suffer from the pandemic. Isolation, diagnosis, treatment, protective measures, and rehabilitation have all started from scratch. WE hope that this Handbook can provide doctors and nurses in other affected areas valuable information so they don't have to enter the battlefield alone.
This pandemic is a common challenge faced by mankind in the age of globalization. At this moment, sharing resources, experiences and lessons, regardless of who you are, is our only chance to win. The real remedy for this pandemic is not isolation, but cooperation.
This war has just begun.

Thanks to the below great doctors and editors! 

Chief Editor: LIANG Tingbo
Members: CAI Hongliu, CHEN Yu, CHEN Zuobing, FANG Qiang, HAN Weili, HU Shaohua, LI Jiangping, LI Tong, LU Xiaoyang, QU Tingting, SHEN Yihong, SHENG Jifang, WANG Huafen, WEI Guoqing, XU Kaijin, ZHAO Xuehong, ZHONG Zifeng, ZHOU Jianying

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