Sunday, June 23, 2013

Test Development Engineer Job Responsibilities--Yes, this is my job

Test Development Engineer Job Responsibilities.


1.       Perform Test software program and hardware development for new projects.

2.       Review customer requirements, test specifications, test documentation and other project documentation to assure quality of the products and tests to be developed.

3.       Design customized (Analog/Digital) circuit boards for automatic functional testers.

4.       To develop test specifications for UUT requirements, function, interface, hardware and software to allow for current and future product test development.

5.       Provide technical support to Test Sustaining Engineers/ Test Technician.

6.       Implement continuous improvement in Yield, Cost and Quality.

7.       Designing and developing test plans

8.       Capable to do reverse engineering (hardware and software).

9.       To assist the Operation team with test and product knowledge and resolve production tester breakdown and yield issues.

10.   Develop test software for production needs through NI LabVIEW, NI TestStand.

11.   Designing and Documenting test software structure.

12.  Verification and Validation of production Testers, Fixture and processes.

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